Symposium: Rapid adaptation in a changing climate and environment (RACE)

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When: Friday, 23.02.2024
Where: Auditorium 0.001, Institute of Advanced Studies TUM, Lichtenbergstraße 2a, 85748 Garching

Organized by Michael Krautblatter (TUM ALPHA) & Martin Elsner (TUM Water Cluster) (Requests:


11.00‐12.00: Come together with snacks

12.00‐12.15: Research strategy TUM with respect to water sustainability and climate change (G. Kramer, Vice President for Research, TUM)

12.15‐12.30: Rapid adaptation in a changing climate and environment (RACE) general idea (M. Krautblatter, Landslides and Alpine Hazards, TUM)

12.30‐12.45: Non‐stationary projections of temperature and sub‐daily precipitation patterns in the 21st century (R. Ludwig, Environmental Modeling, LMU)

12.45‐13.00: Rapid change & adaptation in aquatic bio‐systems (Group members & J. Geist, Aquatic Systems Biology, TUM)

13.00‐13.15: Rapid change & adaptation in terrestrial bio‐systems (Dr. Ana Stritih & R. Seidl, Ecosystem Dynamics in Mountains, TUM)

13.15‐13.30: Microbial change in a changing climate/environment (B. Orsi, Geomicrobiology, LMU)

13.30‐13.45: Rapid change & adaptation in atmosphere‐biosphere coupling (A. Menzel, Ecoclimatology, TUM)

13.45‐15.00: Rapid change & adaptation in coupled geo‐hydro‐systems (M. Krautblatter, TUM)

15.00‐15.15: Rapid change & adaptation in weathering systems (A. Bufe, Sedimentology, LMU)

15.15‐15.30: Rapid change & adaption assessment in satellite‐based earth/hydro‐observations (R. Pail, Physical and Astronomical Geodesy, TUM)

15.30‐15.45: Rapid change & adaption assessment in ground‐based and UAV earth/hydro‐observations (K. Anders and C. Holst, Remote Sensing and Eng. Geodesy, TUM)

15.45‐16.15: Coffee break 

16.15‐16.30: Rapid change & adaptation in safeguarding water quality (M. Elsner, Water Chemistry TUM)

16.30‐16.45: Rapid change & adaptation in (semi‐)natural hydrosystems (F. Einsiedl, Hydrogeology TUM)

16.45‐17.00: Rapid change & adaptation in catchment‐scale modified systems (M. Disse, Hydrology and River Management, TUM)

17.00‐17.15: Rapid change & adaptation in man‐made hydrosystems (J. Drewes, Urban Water Systems TUM)

17.15‐17.30: Rapid change & adaptation in geothermal systems (M. Drews, Geothermal Systems, TUM)

17.30‐17.45: Rapid change & adaptation in water‐energy systems (N. Rüther, Hydraulic Engineering, TUM)

17.45‐18.00: Rapid change & adaption management strategies in aquifers (M. Vrachioli & J. Sauer, Resource economics, TUM)

18.00‐18.15: Rapid change & adaption strategies in human‐environment systems (Dr. T. Jedd & M. Schreurs, Environmental and Climate Policy, TUM)

18.15‐19.00: Discussion on Rapid adaptation in a changing climate and environment (RACE): coupled geo‐, (bio‐) and hydrosystems with respect to coordinated research at the TUM/LMU 

19.00‐open end: Apero