Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering combines the expertise of many engineering programs and is primarily concerned with the principles of motion, force, and energy. Our department is dedicated to the design, analysis, testing, and manufacturing of products used in all sectors of modern society. Mechanical engineers design structural components, machines, systems, and processes that function safely, reliably, and efficiently to meet the demands of society. In order to develop appliances that improve our standard of living, they apply scientific principles to tackling challenges that involve the flow of heat, gases, fluids, and solid materials.

Nearly every modern life product or service has been in some way influenced by a mechanical engineer. In the Department, there are research areas as diverse as biomechanics, material mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermal transfer, steering and robotics, manufacturing, power systems, and nanotechnology are implemented in the spirit of human-centered engineering design. Some of the current cutting-edge research programs include contact mechanics, interaction with autonomous vehicles and robots, and laser materials processing. Our graduates go on to careers in the automotive, aerospace, chemical, computer, communications, defense, energy, railroad, robotics, manufacturing, environmental, and biomedical industries.