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The project "Competence and Demand optimized Teaching Strategy" is being carried out as a pilot at the Chair of Machine Elements of Prof. Stahl for the first time. It offers a criteria-based guideline for analog, digital, and synchronous or asynchronous teaching approaches and formats for the introductory and study phases. The strategy aligns the degree of digitization of teaching with the needs and the competencies to be acquired by the students.

Within the framework of this project, a concept is being developed that will provide lecturers with orientation in the selection of teaching approaches and formats through criteria-based guidelines. These guidelines will be tested as a pilot at the TUM School of Engineering and Design in selected courses in the winter semester 2022/2023, the implementation will be evaluated and further developed for a university-wide roll-out. Students are at the center of these guidelines. This does justice to the central role and importance of motivation and self-efficacy on the learning success of students.

The respective advantages of the teaching approaches and formats are to be used in the best possible way in the different phases of the studies. Initially, students are introduced to their new stage of life through a high proportion of face-to-face events and gradually introduced to digital, asynchronous formats. Digital offerings are to provide selective support and are to be used primarily when the competencies to be acquired require the use of software, for instance. In the further course, the proportion of digitally asynchronous formats increases in order to demand and promote self-directed learning on the part of the students.

The concept is being developed in close cooperation with ProLehre | Media and Didactics, the TUM Center for Study & Teaching, and teachers at the TUM School of Engineering and Design.


Contact: Rudolf Motzet

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