DeCarbBaustelle: Reducing emissions during construction

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Reducing emissions during construction - the Chair of Timber Structures and Building Construction at the Department Civil and Environmental Engineering of the TUM School of Engineering and Design is working on this topic together with GWG Städtische Wohnungsgesellschaft München mbH, the Bundesverband der Deutschen Ziegelindustrie e. V. and the Holzbau Deutschland Institut.

Image: Forschungskonsortium

Within the project, a construction site located on the Christel-Sembach-Krone-Straße in Freiham is being used to investigate how processes and logistics can be decarbonised. Using one building in timber construction and one in solid construction, the researchers are measuring the emissions from the delivery of materials and machinery to the operation of the equipment. The data is collected and sorted according to trades and building components. In this way, the emissions from the construction site are recorded and assigned as precisely as possible to the various construction processes. The results will later provide the basis for a catalogue of criteria for the ecological awarding of building contracts. In addition, a potential analysis will examine possibilities for decarbonising construction processes at the participating construction companies and in project planning and control. The project is funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt) (duration March 2022 to September 2023).

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