Non-destructive evaluation of pipes in the field of gas and oil transport

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Dr. Olya Popovych is a specialist in the field of non-destructive testing. She is one of ten researchers who have been accepted for the Fellowship Program of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) due to the war in Ukraine.

Portrait von Olya Popovych
Image: Susanne Hoecht

Dr. Olya Popovych conducts research at TUM at the Chair of Non-Destructive Testing of the Department of Materials Engineering. Her research work focuses on the non-destructive evaluation of pipes and pipelines used for the transport of gases and liquids in geothermal power plants and open cooling circuits. Particularly in this field, the detection of cracks and other deteriorations is essential for an efficient maintenance and operation. In the project, numerical simulation tools and ultrasonic techniques are used to perform quality control. This involves the in-situ detection of scalings and fouling (biofilms), but also the localization of cracks and defective welds in pipes. Simulation and measurements are the basis for a structural health monitoring and a digital twin of energy transportation systems.