Arriving in a new life situation brings many challenges. Whether it's starting university, moving to another country or other changes - it's easier with the right support! At the Centre for Key Competences, we offer various programmes to support you in arriving.

Start of studies

How to get started with your studies

Self-organisation, time management, learning strategies - with these important tools, you will get the most out of your studies: more time, less stress and better results.

As a first-semester student in the Bachelor's degree programme of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, you will take part in the course "Key skills for your start in your studies". In small groups you will meet fellow students and learn important tips and tricks for everyday university life. You will be accompanied by trained students (workshop trainers) in the development of your key competences for your studies.


Network for a good start to your studies

You are a new student at the School of Engineering and Design and would like to network with other students? Then sign up for the mentoring programme at the School ED! Here you will meet students from higher semesters who support students from the Bachelor's programme or students from the Master's programme who are new to TUM with their experience in questions about studying. You meet regularly in small groups and exchange information on all questions that concern you. In addition, you can get to know students from your year or degree programme.

What questions can be addressed in mentoring?

  • How do I study properly for an exam?
  • How do I organise my everyday life at university? Time management and co.
  • How do I best approach a semester abroad and an internship?
  • How do I find a Bachelor's thesis?
  • Which contact persons are there for which issues?
  • Who do I turn to when things aren't going so well?
  • So many fellow students around me? How do I find my way at the faculty as a woman?
  • Working while studying? How does that work out?
  • What other exciting areas does TUM offer me?
  • What is there for me to discover in Munich?