Our core topics

The Centre for Key Competences comprehensively covers the range of soft skills with the competence areas of self-competence, social competence and methodological competence. Our topics are adapted to engineers and their everyday studies and work. Find out more about our six areas of focus here:

Bear responsibility

In a rapidly changing technological world with many options, it is a challenge to orientate oneself and also to think about ethical aspects. Learn how to deal with ethical issues and make difficult decisions, taking into account the possible consequences of your actions. Deal with your own value system and reflect on it also with regard to future (leadership) tasks in your professional life.

Strengthen personality

Convince and inspire with your personality - through confident and authentic appearance and rhetoric as well as a reflected knowledge of your identity and your (career) goals. Learn to lead yourself with efficient organisation and thoughtful stress management and strengthen your entrepreneurial and critical thinking.

Promoting interaction

Working in project teams instead of as lone warriors - that is the perspective that describes our working world. Teams are always changing, responsibilities have to be adapted. Learn to act in a solution-oriented manner in conflict situations and to apply discussion techniques as a basis for profitable team communication. Acquire skills to manage projects, expand your own network in a future-oriented way and apply manners for professional cooperation with the aim of working together effectively and purposefully in a team.

Use diversity

Cooperation across national borders, heterogeneously composed teams and answering complex questions in society - these are things that occupy us today. Dare to look inwards and find out which presuppositions move your actions and learn how to develop an open and appreciative attitude towards other people. The aim is to enable you to move confidently on the international stage, for example, and to act in a reflective and sensitive manner with regard to the issues of gender and dealing with generations.

Managing knowledge

Today's world of communication offers an extensive flood of information on current circumstances. Learn how to keep track of the topicality and importance of the information and make an assessment of its significance. You will also learn how to prepare this knowledge in a way that is appropriate for the target group, in order to process and present the complex content for knowledge transfer.


Shaping the future

What will the future bring? Don't leave it to chance - take an active part in it. Learn strategies in our workshops on how to use your own know-how and creativity for this and how to successfully develop and realise your own innovations. Stay flexible in dealing with change through concepts such as change management and keep digitalisation in focus.