Soft Skills in pratice

For student clubs and initiatives at the School of Engineering and Design, we offer tailor-made trainings and workshops according to specific needs.

Possible topics: working in a team, leadership, project management, strengths, successful communication, ...

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Here is an excerpt of our current cooperation:

In addition to comprehensive disciplinary expertise, there is also a need for further interdisciplinary offerings for development of talents at the TUM School of Engineering and Design, in order to be able to profitably meet the framework conditions of our environment.

As a center for key competencies, we would like to make our contribution to this and make our offerings available specifically to doctoral candidates.

For all doctoral candidates in engineering and design who are interested in the opportunities of successful and fulfilling work.

The courses are offered in cooperation with the Graduate Center and can be booked via DocGS. Click here for the wiki page of the Graduate Center.​​​​​​

Current Topics:

  • Focus & Expectations - Strategies for focused and effective working styles and habits
  • Working in development teams - Communication, feedback, dealing with conflicts
  • Give effective feedback and receive honest feedback - Promote a culture of feedback at the SoED
  • Self-Organization - Ways to efficient mastery of the engineering doctorate
  • Kommunikation im Projekt Dissertation - Entwicklung eines individuellen Plans zur Kommunikation mit allen Schnittstellen im Rahmen der Promotion
  • Innovationsbereitschaft fördern und entwickeln – Eine zentrale Kompetenz von Ingenieuer*innen der Zukunft. 
  • Coaching-Ausbildung für Ingenieur*innen und Designer*innen - Studierende und Projektteams begleiten und unterstützen "
  • Gute wissenschaftliche Praxis
  • Studienarbeiten nachhaltig begleiten - Methodisch-gestützte Begleitung von Studierenden

We offer individual chair cooperations and embed our offers from all areas of key competences in your curriculum. Contact us!

Our offers from five subject areas:

  • Tools for working in projects
  • Orientation & Perspective
  • Working in a team
  • Strengthen your personality
  • Present & communicate

In the cooperation with the companies, the focus is on the direct exchange with the company representatives on a case study.

Entrepreneurial circumstances are discussed together, in which key competencies are applied.