MINT Orientation certificate

MINT Orientation certificate is an orientation semester at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). It offers an overview of the degree programs with a focus on mathematics, technology, and the natural sciences. MINT orientation certificate prepares students for a multifaceted and interdisciplinary vocational education and training. Before embarking on a bachelor's degree program, this enables you to make a purposeful decision as to the program that best suits your interests and abilities, based on discipline-specific knowledge and your own experience.

Your profile

MINT Orientation Certificate is aimed at school graduates and qualified professionals who want to

  • want to refresh or deepen STEM-related knowledge, such as mathematics or physics, and prepare themselves optimally for engineering or science studies,
  • would like to get to know the performance requirements and everyday university life at a technical university,
  • are interested in engineering, natural sciences and technology, but cannot yet decide on a course of study,
  • or want to get an outlook on professional and research fields in engineering, natural sciences and technology.

Please note that no one will be admitted who has been enrolled in a degree program for more than 2 semesters.

What you'll learn

For the duration of the program, participants of the MINT Orientation Certificate are enrolled at TUM. During the program, you will already familiarize yourself with various disciplines from involved departements, such as civil engineering, chemistry, electrical engineering and information technology, computer science, mechanical engineering, mathematics and physics.

Study information

The MINT Orientation certificate supports the selection of the individually right bachelor's degree program and serves as preparation for such a degree program. 
Students acquire the basics of the MINT/STEM disciplines and get to know the university, its locations and everyday student life.

The program runs during the summer semester. It covers the following areas:

  • The foundational module provides you with the opportunity to acquire, expand upon, and revise the basic knowledge of mathematics and physics that is required on all MINT degree programs. In addition, the fundamentals of informatics are also covered.
  • The navigational module offers you insight into the various degree programs and student life at the faculties, as well as the chance to get to know the respective departments, professors, lecturers, and students.
  • The navigational module is complemented by an opportunities module that profiles, before you even commence your studies, the fields of occupation and career paths that each degree program opens up.
  • Further, studium MINT also aims to cultivate key competencies that can be drawn upon on a long-term basis, such as how to work scientifically, self-study skills, time management or presentation techniques. These are dealt with in the soft skills module.

Independent study projects round out the concept. During the course of these projects, participants familiarize themselves with basic project management and how individual disciplines dovetail with one another. The tutorials and advice on offer provide opportunities to explore students’ needs in more detail and, in the process, aid successful learning outcomes.

Admission to the degree program is not restricted.

Please note, however, that you can only be admitted if you have not already studied 2 or more semesters in any degree program.