About Leonhard Obermeyer Center (LOC)

The design, creation and maintenance of the built environment are among the main challenges of the 21st century. The application of modern computer technology helps to achieve this goal in an ecologically and economically sustainable manner.

The Leonhard Obermeyer Center bundles the exceptionally broad scientific expertise in the field of digital methods for the built environment present at Technische Universität München, ranging from Numerical Methods across Building Information Modeling (Prof. Borrmann), Geospatial Information Modeling (Prof. Kolbe), Computer-Aided Architectural Design (Prof. Petzold) to Remote Sensing and Point-cloud Processing (Prof. Stilla) and Constructions Management (Prof. Nübel). Prof. Rank (former Chair for Computation in Engineering) is also one of the founding professors and a key initiator of the Leonhard Obermeyer Center, and will continue to serve as an LOC Fellow.

The Center is based on intense cross-disciplinary collaboration between the participating chairs in both, research and teaching. Particular emphasis is put on all aspects of model and methods integration from CAD, BIM, GIS as well as on methods for the automated generation and validation of digital models and processes. The members are actively involved in the development of international standards in the fields of BIM (e.g. IFC) and virtual 3D city models (e.g. CityGML, Web 3D Service, IndoorGML) in the buildingSMART Alliance and the Open Geospatial Consortium.

Besides the inter-faculty collaboration, the Center provides a platform for close collaboration with international stakeholders of the AEC and GIS industry. To this end, the Center provides selected companies with the opportunity to become a member of the Leonhard Obermeyer Center and take influence on its strategic research agenda.