Schoolgirls explore Human Centered Engineering

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Earlier this week, 12 schoolgirls aged 13 to 15 visited the TUM School of Engineering and Design at the Technical University of Munich as part of the program "TUM Entdeckerinnen: MINT experience at university". The girls explored the principle of Human Centered Engineering and learned about different topics from mechanical engineering and aerospace in hands-on projects.

Student advisor Anna Reif
Student advisor Anna Reif explains the schedule of the TUM Entdeckerinnen program at the TUM School of Engineering and Design
Lecture at the Chair of Helicopter Technology
At the Chair of Helicopter Technology, the girls were explained how a vertical take-off aircraft works

During the two-day hands-on course, the young female researchers visited the research reactor. There, they learned to understand the world of neutrons using a model. The scientists from the Chair of Helicopter Technology explained to them how a rotorcraft works and discussed with them the future of mobility. The girls discovered the world of materials science through metal casting, and at the Chair of Ergonomics they faced the question of how human machine interfaces can be opimized. The focus was on the application of methods and tools with which a user-centered development of technology can be achieved.

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