The TUM School of Engineering and Design consolidates its expertise in eight departments.

Aerospace & Geodesy

The Department researches aerospace and geodesy as a whole. The focus is always on people and their living environment: mobility, urbanization, nutrition and secure communication. more


The Department develops conceptual and technological strategies for transforming our built environment. Our researchers and students contextualize and design complex spatial solutions. more

Civil & Environmental Engineering

The Department is concerned with the built world and the sustainable and controlled use of planet Earth as a basis for securing the subsistence and security needs of society. more

Energy & Process Engineering

The Department runs three focus areas: Energy Technologies, Power Engineering and Process Engineering. more

Engineering Physics & Computation

The Department works on engineering quests that require a detailed analysis of their underlying physical phenomena. Based on this, conceptual or mathematical models are formulated. more

Materials Engineering

The Department investigates the fundamental relationship between the underlying structures of materials (from the nanoscale to the macroscale), their characteristics and capabilities. more

Mechanical Engineering

The Department is dedicated to the design, analysis, testing, and manufacturing of structural components, machines, systems, and processes used in all sectors of modern society. more

Mobility Systems Engineering

Research is done in all mobility-related fields, especially planning and implementation of transportation infrastructure, traffic management and control, integrated land use and transportation planning, travel behaviors. more