Diversity is an important interdisciplinary responsibility at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Our Diversity Board and the women's representative of the TUM School of Engineering and Design aim to promote a gender- and diversity-friendly university environment within the school. We believe that a study and work environment that is free of discrimination will improve the quality of scientific research, teaching, and campus life, and will create new innovation. 

Our work is based on the fundamental values of freedom, democracy, human rights and transparency. Thus, diversity means a mutual respect, participation and inclusivity of all individuals in the scientific community - regardless of gender, nationality, religion and beliefs, ethnicity, disability, age, marital status, first language and sexual identity.

Contact persons

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Fottner (MEC, Materials Handling, Material Flow, Logistics)

Ann-Kathrin Goldbach

Deputy Gender Equality Officers

Katharina Anders

Felicitas Engel

Leonhard Feiner

Anne Fischer

Martin Fleischer

Ines Gilch

Ann-Kathrin Goldbach

Stefan Gruhne

Doris Hallama

Betty Heller-Kaikov

Karl-Alexander Hoppe

Jingshui               Huang

Lisa Kessler

Christina Kwade

Katharina Pflüger-Grau

Nora Reinbold

Prof. Philipp Reiss

Gabrielle Schaad

Sandra  Schuster

Anjali Uday

Pia Vollmuth

Philippa Weißinger

Prof. Martin Werner

Michaela Wenzel
T +49 89 289 25261

The Diversity Board formulates goals and strategies for an equal work environment at the TUM School of Engineering and Design. The first goals are the embedding of equality principles, a consistent parity monitoring, an increase in awareness of diversity, a more diverse working climate, and a firm institutional establishment of the board.

The Diversity Board is an open structure with no set number of people and it welcomes students, academic and non-academic staff, and professors who would like to contribute either occasionally or regularly, or help shape projects or join discussions. 

Equitable and inclusive work and research

Orientation and support for schoolgirls - from hands-on courses to support for the gifted

MentorING - Mentoring program for female students and networking, seminars and workshops such as "Managing Gender & Diversity"

TUM Mentoring from alumni for students

Parity Jour Fixe - platform for the promotion of an equitable, diverse and inclusive work and research culture at the Department of Architecture

Contact for parents (employees and students) at TUM School ED: eltern.diversity@ed.tum.de

TUM Family Service


Holiday Childcare through TUM family

#equal opportunities - parent networking via Moodle or Rocket.Chat-Kanal

Munich Student Union - Advisory Service for pregnant women and students with children 

Deutscher Hochschulverband (2015) - Infos Rechtlicher Rahmen für Mutterschutz, Elternzeit, Teilzeit und Beurlaubung aus familiären Gründen für wissenschaftliches Personal an der Hochschule







Beratung und Unterstützung bei der TUM-Stabsstelle Chancengleichheit