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Diversity Q&A Series – Part 10

What is your work about and how do you engage yourself with EDI (Equality, Diversity, Inclusion) topics? "We are a self-organized initiative of students in the architecture field. SOFT discusses…

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MAIV-Preis 2024 verliehen

Der Förderpreis des Münchener Architekten- und Ingenieur-Verein e.V. (MAIV) 2024 mit dem Titel „Grüner Campus“ wurde an drei von acht interdisziplinären Teams aus Studierenden der Masterstudiengänge…

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Students construct resource-efficient room from brick, wood and clay

Working across disciplines, curricula, and locations on current issues in multidisciplinary teams is what the TUM project weeks achieve. In January 2024, the Chairs of Timber Structures and Building…

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Traffic Analysis at Large-scale Events: Impact of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour on Transportation

TUM researchers at the Swiftposium presented a study on the impact of Taylor Swift's concerts on local traffic, revealing insights into transportation dynamics and advocating for more sustainable…

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NewIn: Katja Thoring – How workspaces shape creativity

In this episode of "NewIn", we introduce Prof. Katja Thoring. At the intersection of product, space, architecture and technology, she explores how work environments influence creativity in a variety…

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Appointment with… Prof. Katharina Anders

With the interview series "Appointment with...", the TUM School of Engineering and Design introduces new professors: This time, we are talking to Prof. Dr. Katharina Anders, Professorship for Remote…

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Senator Bernhard Borst Preis 2023 für Ivo Kalvelage

TUM Architekturstudent Ivo Kalvelage wurde für seine herausragenden Leistungen und sein Engagement innerhalb und außerhalb des Studiums mit dem Senator Bernhard Borst Preis 2023 ausgezeichnet.

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Simon Martini mit Hans Döllgast Preis 2023 ausgezeichnet

Simon Martini, Absolvent des Masterstudiengangs Architektur an der TUM School of Engineering and Design (ED), wurde für seine Thesis "Umschulung" mit dem Hans Döllgast Preis 2023 geehrt.

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Traffic route construction at TUM – where research meets practice

The Chair and Institute of Road, Railway and Airfield Construction at the TUM School of Engineering and Design (ED) combines theory and research with practical applications. Headed by Prof. Stephan…

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Girls´ Day - Girls´ Future Day at the TUM ED

The Chair of Metal Forming and Casting (UTG) of the TUM School of Engineering and Design again participates in this year's Girls' Day on 25 April 2024, providing insights into production - from…

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TUM receives funding for medical robotics project

In the future, robots will assist more frequently during operations and should enable greater precision in surgical procedures. The ForNeRo research project, led by the Technical University of Munich…

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TUM paper receives D. Grant Mickle Award

For outstanding work in the field of operation and maintenance, the paper "Modeling Vehicle Flocking in Lane-Free Automated Traffic" by the Chair of Traffic Engineering and Control has won the…

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Samantha Cristoforetti shared insights into "Living and Working in Space"

What an amazing and captivating lecture Prof. Gisela Detrell, Human Spaceflight Technology, was honored to host! European Space Agency astronaut and TUM alumni Samantha Cristoforetti talked about…

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TUM wins again at the Indy Autonomous Challenge in the USA

Victory in Las Vegas for the TUM Autonomous Motorsport Team! Once again, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has proven that autonomous driving can also work successfully on the race track at top…

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HopfON founding team: Hops as a circular building material

The construction industry consumes enormous resources and is responsible for a large proportion of global CO2 emissions. The team of HopfON wants to address this situation. Their vision: to produce…

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Christiane Thalgott Preis für "Chair of Unlearning"

Die Absolventinnen Lisa Andé, Marie Gnesda und Elena Spatz werden für ihre Bachelorarbeit und Initiative "Chair of Unlearning" mit dem Christiane Thalgott Preis 2023 ausgezeichnet.

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Christmas Greetings

We wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

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COP28: On the way to decarbonize the building sector

Around 70,000 participants from about 200 countries, 13 days, and one topic. The 28th UN Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP28) in Dubai has ended. The result of the deliberations: In the final…

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Research Center and Early Warning System for Alpine Natural Hazards: TUM-Alpha

At the end of November, the TUM Center for Alpine Hazards and Risks (TUM Alpha) was officially founded under the leadership of Prof. Michael Krautblatter (Chair of Landslide Research). As landslides,…

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Isar Aerospace is TUM Entrepreneur of Excellence

TUM Alumni and Isar Aerospace founders Daniel Metzler and Josef Fleischmann are "TUM Entrepreneurs of Excellence". TUM awarded the prestigious title to the two former aerospace students at the Dies…

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Iris Weiß mit Preis der Freunde der TUM ausgezeichnet

Dr. Iris Weiß ist für ihre herausragende Promotionsarbeit mit dem Preis der Freunde der TUM e.V. gewürdigt worden. Die Auszeichnung überreichten Dr. Joachim Post, Vorstandsvorsitzender von Freunde der…

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A new era in sustainable construction: Research network on 3D printing in construction enters second funding phase

The research on 3D printing in construction at the Technical University of Braunschweig and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) will be funded by the German Research Foundation for a another four…

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Interview with Prof. Philipp Reiss

"Landing is the biggest challenge of lunar missions" - Prof. Philipp Reiss, Professor of Lunar and Planetary Exploration at the TUM School of Engineering and Design (ED), talks about space missions…

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FAZ Doktorandenlob für Dissertation der TUM Landschaftsarchitektur

Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) würdigt die besten Promotionen: Unter den "Hervorragenden Dissertationen des Jahres 2022" ist auch die Arbeit von Dr. Amelie Rost, die an der an der…

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Prof. Xiaoxiang Zhu among the most cited scientists worldwide

Prof. Xiaoxiang Zhu, Chair of Data Science in Earth Observation at the TUM School of Engineering and Design, is one of the most frequently cited researchers worldwide. Her name can be found in the…

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New modular development kit for e-tractors

The special requirements placed on trucks and agricultural machinery often make it difficult for engineers to bring them into the electric age. At the Agritechnica agricultural machinery fair…

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TUM makes first daily current measurements of changes in the earth's rotation

The ring laser at the Geodetic Observatory Wettzell can now be used to capture data at a quality level unsurpassed anywhere in the world.

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Diversity Q&A Series – Part 9

How does your vision of diversity, variety and equality for a university campus look like?  "For me, diversity on a university campus means that both scientific and non-scientific issues can be…

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Student initiative successfully launches experiment with stratospheric balloon

Eight students from the TUM School of Engineering and Design had the fantastic opportunity to send an experiment into the stratosphere onboard a balloon at the end of September. As part of the Balloon…

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Designing the post-fossil fuel future – "After Comfort: A User's Guide"

The digital publication series "After Comfort: A User's Guide" addresses how best to design and create buildings as architects, engineers, and other professionals in the waning era of fossil fuels.…