Doctorates at the TUM School of Engineering and Design

We, the Graduate Center of Engineering and Design (GC-ED), are an institution of the TUM School of Engineering and Design and at the same time part of the TUM Graduate School (TUM-GS).

Our task is to support doctoral students of the TUM School of Engineering and Design on their way to a doctorate. In this context, our main tasks are doctoral advising, the design and coordination of the subject-specific qualification program and the (financial) promotion of internationalization as well as interdisciplinary, cross-departmental collaboration and networking. In addition, we coordinate the necessary administrative steps of the doctorate from the registration in the doctoral candidacy list to the issuance of the doctoral certificate.

At the TUM School of Engineering and Design, around 2100 young scientists are currently pursuing their doctoral projects. They are scientifically supervised at the individual eight departments of the ED in the respective chairs or professorships.

Thank you for your interest in a doctorate at the TUM School of Engineering and Design! In our Wiki we give you an overview of the most important points for a smooth start into your doctoral project.

General information about starting a doctorate at TUM can be found on the homepage of the TUM Graduate School and in the presentation: “Doing your Doctorate at TUM & TUM Graduate School.”

Please also note the important information on the page "Welcome Office".

The doctoral process begins with the application and admission to the doctorate and ends with the submission of the dissertation. The TUM-GS provides you with general information about everything important concerning the doctoral process. Additional information on the three doctoral phases that is important for the TUM School of Engineering and Design can be found in our Wiki.

Start of your doctorate

  • Admission to doctoral studies (link directly into the wiki)
  • Application including checklist
  • Entry in the doctoral candidacy list and membership in the TUM-GS
  • Mentorship and exposé
  • Dissertation - monograph, publication-based dissertation, media dissertation

During your doctorate

  • Kick-off seminar of TUM-GS
  • Seminar Good Scientific Practice
  • Subject-specific course program
  • Interdisciplinary course program
  • Publication
  • Integration into the academic environment of TUM
  • Internationalization

End of your doctorate

  • Doctoral application: submission of the dissertation and opening of the doctoral procedure
  • Examination of the dissertation - examination committee, expert opinion phase, circulation committee
  • Oral examination
  • Doctoral certificate and diploma and certificate of the TUM-GS

  • Information event "Start of the doctorate"
  • Information event "Submitting the dissertation"

In the board of the GC-ED, doctoral representatives represent the interests of the doctoral students. They have influence on the courses and networking offers, the quality assurance as well as the strategic orientation of the GC-ED. They have an open ear for questions, ideas or problems of the doctoral candidates and strengthen the doctoral community. Three PhD student representatives of the GC-ED are also members of the Graduate Council of the TUM-GS.

The doctoral advisory board assumes administrative tasks such as decisions on admission to doctoral studies or the preliminary review of the composition of examination boards. One professor from each department is represented on the Doctoral Advisory Board.

The GC-ED Board decides on the strategic orientation, reviews the implementation of the goals and gives initiatives for further development. The board consists of the spokesperson, the deputy spokesperson, eight department representatives and the doctoral student representatives.

The TUM Graduate School supports supervisors with various information and offers. In our Wiki you will also find important ED-specific information.

Graduate Center of Engineering and Design

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