About the ZSK

The Center for Key Competencies is a professional contact for the further development of key competencies. It aims to expand the interdisciplinary competencies of students at the TUM School of Engineering and Design. Our offerings include team and project work, creativity and intercultural competence, gender and diversity, and good scientific practice. Our areas of competence:

Get to grips with your personal development! You will discover your individuality and what impact it has on your future development. You will develop mature reflection skills to make informed decisions.

Get to know your fellow human beings! Learn how to act empathically in interpersonal actions and react appropriately to the situation.

Organize your way of working efficiently in your daily professional life! Acquire this ability through a sensible selection, planning and implementation of appropriate techniques.


We are a team of experienced educators and psychologists from social sciences, educational sciences, personnel and organizational psychology. We are supported by a team of trainees, scientific and student assistants.

Dr. Birgit Theisen (Head)

  • Advisor to the Dean
  • Conceptualization of the offer of the central teaching
  • Interface in communicative exchange
  • External presentation of the Central Teaching
  • Conception and implementation of seminars and workshops

Franziska Glasl (Deputy Head)

  • Conceptual design of the central teaching program
  • Coordinator and coach "Equal Opportunity Office
  • Trainer in all areas of offer

Marie Aepfelbacher

  • Coordinator "Key Competencies for the Start of Studies
  • Trainer in all areas

Luise Poetzsch

  • Coordinator for "Key Competencies for Teamwork in Projects
  • Trainer in all areas

Amelie Zauner

  • Coordinator for "Key competencies for scientific practice
  • Trainer in all areas

Would you like to join our team?

Would you like to train the engineers of tomorrow with us? Then send us your application documents and apply as a staff member or student / scientific assistant at the ZSK. We look forward to getting to know you.

Working Group Key Competencies Bavaria (copy 1)

The Working Group Key Competencies Bavaria is an association of different universities and colleges for the promotion of a high-quality event offer for students in the field of "education of personality development in supra-disciplinary competencies and general knowledge". It consists of 31 members representing 15 different universities and colleges in Bavaria. They belong to the centers of key competencies, the study general, the centers for career and competencies as well as the career service facilities of the different institutions. 

The aim of the Key Competencies Working Group in Bavaria is to promote exchange among the institutions in order to keep abreast of new developments and to enable professional development through mutual knowledge of what is on offer. The working group meets once a semester in order to deepen new topics of personal development, to discuss topics of interdisciplinary competencies and to exchange best-practice examples. 

Further TUM Institutions

The ZSK supports various central facilities or services of the TUM in the field of key competence conveyance. If you would like to develop a new program - preferably also for students of mechanical engineering - please feel free to contact us. We design an individual program with you or support you in the implementation of existing programs.

You also have the opportunity to acquire your ECTS within the framework of various cooperations. Work interdisciplinary with members of other departments and experience a particularly high application relevance of the courses.

As an internal contact of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the ZSK also makes its didactic, psychological and pedagogical know-how available to doctoral students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Come and talk to us - we will be happy to advise you. 

The TUMKolleg is a programme to support particularly gifted students in STEM subjects at TUM in cooperation with the Otto-von-Taube-Gymnasium and the Werner-Heisenberg-Gymnasium. Here you get the opportunity to write your first own research paper at a TUM chair/professorship in addition to your Abitur. You can find more information about the programme here.

We support the programs Mädchen machen Technik and Netzwerktreffen für Studentinnen of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

The ZSK will give a workshop to the meeting of all commercial trainees. We are pleased to support AuTUM with our competence.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Amelie Zauner
T +49 89 289 15612