Prof. Xiaoxiang Zhu among the most cited scientists worldwide

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Prof. Xiaoxiang Zhu, Chair of Data Science in Earth Observation at the TUM School of Engineering and Design, is one of the most frequently cited researchers worldwide. Her name can be found in the latest Highly Cited Researchers rankings.

Prof. Dr. Xiaoxiang Zhu, Chair of Data Science in Earth Observation, TUM School of Enineering and Design
Prof. Xiaoxiang Zhu uses satellite data to analyze developments on earth. Image: Julia Eberle / TUM

We are delighted that Prof. Xiaoxiang Zhu is one of the world's most frequently cited scientists. The Chairholder of Data Science in Earth Observation conducts research on globally available geoinformation derived from data from Earth observation satellites, which is indispensable for tackling major societal challenges. Whether energy, urbanization, climate change or food security - her innovative technological approaches and analysis methods for processing large amounts of data are crucial for a sustainable future. Zhu develops innovative methods of signal processing and machine learning as well as solutions for Big Data analysis in order to obtain precise geoinformation from a large amount of earth observation data.

Scientists cite the most important works previously published on the respective topic when writing their papers. This means the total number of times a paper is cited is a good indicator of the quality of the research behind it. To identify the most highly cited researchers, each year the US company Clarivate analyzes its Web of Science database, which covers scientific publications in a broad range of disciplines.

The latest evaluation lists the scientists who were cited most frequently in their subject areas in the period from 2012 to 2022. Researchers who are frequently cited in multiple fields are listed in the Cross-Field category. The list contains the names of about 7,000 persons in no specific order,

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