Simulation. Synergies in ED Research

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Researchers from the TUM School of Enginnering and Design (ED) exchanged ideas on the topic of "Simulation" on 20th July 2022, in order to identify and cultivate potential synergies. This was the second time that the networking event for ED researchers took place, and Vice Dean Research and Innovation Prof. Dr. Birgit Vogel-Heuser welcomed 45 participants.

Initially, Prof. Phaedon-Stelios Koutsourelakis presented the results of a previously conducted survey on use cases, modeling approaches and used software, which he had carried out together with Dr. Christoph Meier. He was pleasantly surprised by the marked permeation of data-driven simulation strategies in the school’s research activities and that the issues of model verification and validation were mentioned most frequently among the most important challenges.

The wide range of research at the ED became clear once again on the basis of the short presentations: The nine lecturers came from different research fields, ranging from aerodynamics and thermodynamics, automation and control, vibro-acoustics of vehicles and machines, systems biotechnology up to sports equipment and materials as well as ergonomics. Thus, the enormous relevance of simulation in a wide variety of areas and fields of application became apparent. Furthermore, it became clear that there is no all-encompassing definition of the term "Simulation" and of the associated technical terms. The event will be followed up by further meetings and appointments for bilateral discussions have already been made.

The series of events will continue on 23rd November 2022 on "Research Data Management".