Diversity Q&A Series – Part 1

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Portrait of Michaela Wenzel
Portrait of Michaela Wenzel, Image: Julia Bergmeister / TUM

Why is it important to talk about diversity at TUM or at universities in general? 

“We still have to increase the awareness and acceptance of diversity, equality and inclusion to make everybody feel safe and generate highest creativity and growth umong all university members.“

Michaela Wenzel, Gender & Diversity – TUM School of Engineering and Design, at TUM since 2003


With the new Diversity Q&A Series, the Diversity Board of the TUM School of Engineering and Design (ED) aims to regularly raise attention via social networks to topics of parity, diversity, equality and inclusion in research, teaching and campus life. The Diversity Board is an open group consisting of the elected Gender Equality Officers and further committed individuals of the School ED. Occasion for the launch of the new series is this week's German Diversity Day 2022