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CirculaTUM: circular economy as a model for the future

The CirculaTUM research network is dedicated to a resource-efficient circular economy - a regenerative economic model in which material flows are transformed into cycles and waste no longer has a…

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Expedition to Roman emerald mines in Egypt - TUM precious stone expert Prof. Gilg in worldwide demand

Prof. H. Albert Gilg is a globally renowned expert on identifying precious stones in historic objects and determining their origin. The economic geologist works at the Chair of Engineering Geology at…

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Big Picture: Shaping smart cities with digital urban twins

A team from Prof. Thomas H. Kolbe's Department of Geoinformatics at the TUM School of Engineering and Design is helping cities to develop sustainably, inclusively and efficiently by creating digital…

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Climate simulation more realistic with Artificial Intelligence - Machine learning improves climate models

Accurately modeling extreme precipitation events remains a major challenge for climate models. These models predict how the earth's climate may change over the course of decades and even centuries. To…

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Additive manufacturing in-flight

An international team of researchers have created a fleet of bee-inspired flying 3D printers for building and repairing structures in-flight. The technology could ultimately be used for manufacturing…

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Microgrid for the energy transition: Neighbors share solar power with each other

For six months, seven households in Dietfurt, Bavaria, traded self-generated solar power among themselves. The results of the BASE.V project at the Chair of Electrical Energy Storage Technology and…

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Diversity Q&A Series – Part 2

What does diversity, equality and inclusion mean to you? "Diversity, equality and inclusion (EDI) is the direction that all sectors need to pursue. In particular, in the field of manufacturing…

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The hint with the LED display: humans and autonomized vehicles in road traffic

How can humans and autonomous vehicles communicate with each other when eye contact or hand signals are not possible? How can cyclists move safely in urban traffic when autonomous vehicles are on the…

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New findings for TUM study on the 9 Euro Ticket A little over 50 euros acceptable for 9 Euro Ticket successor

The experimental "9 Euro Ticket" general transit pass has run its course and the calls for a successor pass are growing. A study conducted by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) accompanied more…

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AMC Summer School 2022 – Summer, sun, lake and future

The Collaborative Research Centre Transregio TRR 277 Additive Manufacturing in Construction (AMC) met at the end of July for an intensive research exchange at Lake Ammersee. For one week, the Haus der…

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TUM Architecture Master's program succeeds at BAM Ranking 2022

TUM Architecture is once again successful in the international ranking of the platform Best Architecture Masters (BAM): The Department achieved 11th place out of 22 best postgraduate programmes in…

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New Shanghai Rankings released: TUM is the top university in Germany

In the latest edition of the Shanghai Rankings, TUM is rated as the best university in Germany. In the recently published subject rankings, it already placed among the world’s top 25 universities in…

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Trocknet Deutschland zunehmend aus?

Prof. Jörg Drewes im Bayern 2-Podcast über die die direkten Auswirkungen des Klimawandels auf den Grundwasserspiegel.

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Karriere fordern – Karriere fördern

Die TUM School of Engineering and Design - Gender & Diversity bietet im WiSe 22/23 eine Fördermaßnahme für Nachwuchswissenschaftler:innen an.

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Prof. Helal honored as TUM Ambassador 2022

Professor Hany Helal, professor at Cairo University, was honored as a TUM Ambassador by TUM President Professor Thomas F. Hofmann in July 2022 in front of an audience of around 2,000 as part of the…

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Erfolgreiche Brückenprüfung des Lehrstuhls für Holzbau und Baukonstruktion

Zum Ende des Sommersemesters 2022 fand im Innenhof am TUM Stammgelände die Brückenprüfung der Zweitsemester Bachelor Bauingenieurwesen statt. 

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Schoolgirls explore Human Centered Engineering

Earlier this week, 12 schoolgirls aged 13 to 15 visited the TUM School of Engineering and Design at the Technical University of Munich as part of the program "TUM Entdeckerinnen: MINT experience at…

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Climate change in the Alps

From the Schneefernerhaus, one can look down on the remnants of the Zugspitze glacier, which no longer has any snow cover. Riccardo Scandroglio is conducting research there together with colleagues…

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Simulation. Synergies in ED Research

Researchers from the TUM School of Enginnering and Design (ED) exchanged ideas on the topic of "Simulation" on 20th July 2022, in order to identify and cultivate potential synergies. This was the…

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Entwurfskonzepte für wohnungslose Erwachsene – "Welcome to the Dorm"

Im Bayerischen Staatsministerium für Wohnen, Bau und Verkehr eröffnet heute um 18 Uhr die Ausstellung "Welcome to the Dorm", in der Architekturstudierende der TUM School of Engineering and Design…

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9-Euro-Ticket: Mehr Menschen fahren Bus und Bahn

Nach der Einführung des 9-Euro-Tickets haben viele Menschen in der Region München ihr Mobilitätsverhalten geändert. Eine Studie der Technischen Universität München (TUM) zeigt, dass mehr als 20…

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Appointment with... Professor Philipp Reiss

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Philipp Reiss was appointed to the professorship of Lunar and Planetary Exploration Technologies at TUM in March 2022. He studied aerospace engineering at the Bremen University of…

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Project Seminar ExoskeleTUM and Student Initiative DASH go mobile

Developing a fully actuated lower limb exoskeleton with a students team to remobilize gait impaired patients - that's what the project seminar ExoskeleTUM and the student initiative DASH are about.…

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EU project InShaPe – next innovation leap in metal-based additive manufacturing

In many industrial sectors, such as in the automotive industry, in aerospace or in the energy sector, the demand for special metal components that are light and have a high strength is increasing.…

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Mobility of the Future: New MOOC on Urban Air Mobility

How can the traffic collapse of the global multimillion cities be prevented? One way out could be up: Urban air transportation. This is the subject of a new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) offered…

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NewNormal - Competence and Demand optimized Teaching Strategy

The project "Competence and Demand optimized Teaching Strategy" is being carried out as a pilot at the Chair of Machine Elements of Prof. Stahl for the first time. It offers a criteria-based guideline…

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Johannes Lindner receives the Henry Lampke Preis 2022

The Transportation Science Promotion Prize "Henry Lampe" of the Deutsche Verkehrswissenschaftliche Gesellschaft (DVWG) e.V. was awarded to Johannes Lindner on June 23, 2022. His master's thesis…

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Doctoral graduates are discoverers

"You are discoverers: Your research work creates new technical solutions, which in turn will be innovative starting points for subsequent developments." With these words, Dean Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph…

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ARCHIKIDZ! Event an der TUM: "Stadt der Zukunft – Leben ohne Krieg"

Die Technische Universität München (TUM) solidarisiert sich mit allen Menschen, die vom Krieg in der Ukraine betroffen sind. 200 geflüchtete Kinder haben am Wochenende mit Münchener Kindern gemeinsam…

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Wie sieht die grüne Stadt der Zukunft aus?

Grüne Städte sind nicht nur gut für das Klima. Sie können auch die Aufenthaltsqualität verbessern – oder die Artenvielfalt. Bei den ARD alpha „Campus Talks“ spricht Dr. Simone Linke, Wissenschaftlerin…