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Bioplastics from blue-green algae for the climate

Climate-friendly and rapidly degradable: Researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) use blue-green algae and the soil bacterium Pseudomonas putida to produce bioplastics

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„Eine große Lust, Neues zu denken“

„Zwanzig, und jetzt? Die Pinakothek der Moderne vom Wettbewerb bis heute“ – Mit dieser Ausstellung im Architekturmuseum der TUM feiert das Haus an der Barer Straße derzeit sein Jubiläum. TUM-Studentin…

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Amazon rainforest is losing resilience

The Amazon rainforest is likely losing resilience, data analysis from high-resolution satellite images suggests. This is due to stress from a combination of logging and burning – the influence of…

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International Womens Day 2022: Diversity Team at ED

The Diversity Team at our TUM School of Engineering and Design has been in place since last fall; consisting of the elected 30 Women's Representatives and other engaged staff members.

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“Like a roller coaster, but with your eyes shut and no seatbelt”

Florian Bauer is one of Germany’s most successful bobsledders. The TUM student won two silver medals at the Winter Games in Beijing as the pusher for TUM graduate Johannes Lochner.

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Clearing the way in space

Warning system from start-up Vyoma will protect satellites from collisions: At this very moment more than 8500 tons of space debris is in orbit around the earth. The extremely high speed of these…

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Ukraine Aid Programs at TUM: Call for Donations for Students and Scholarships for Researchers

The war in the Ukraine has plunged countless numbers of people into adversity. We at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) stand in solidarity with those affected and are thus launching two aid…

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TUM and Oerlikon found joint institute on additive manufacturing technologies

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the Swiss technology group Oerlikon are joining forces to drive progress in additive manufacturing technologies. They have founded the TUM-Oerlikon…

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Plug-and-play meets the electric car

Start-up "DeepDrive" builds platform with integrated electric drive technologies

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Zum Tod von Prof. Erich Wintermantel

Der Lehrstuhl für Medizintechnische Materialien und Implantate trauert um den Gründer und Professor des ehemaligen Lehrstuhls für Medizintechnik sowie inspirierenden Dozenten Prof. Dr. Erich…

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Research through teaching: Method seminar on the ski slope

Aljoscha Hermann develops mechatronic ski binding to protect against knee injuries

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Prof. Ian Smith to become Founding Director of TUM Nemetschek Institute

The internationally renowned civil engineer Prof. Ian F.C. Smith will become Founding Director of the TUM Georg Nemetschek Institute Artificial Intelligence for the Built World. He has decades of…

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Dr. Marschall Prize for Jonathan Natanian

The Department of Architecture at the TUM School of Engineering and Design awards in the name of the Werner Konrad Marschall and Dr.-Ing Horst Karl Marschall Foundation the Dr. Marschall Prize 2021 to…

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UN Women International Day of Women and Girls in Science TUM motivates for MINT-studies

February 11 is the UN Women International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Technical University of Munich aims at motivating girls and young women to pursue science. Starting in the summer of 2022,…

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“We play ping pong with the tree” - interview with Prof. Ferdinand Ludwig, Green Technologies in Landscape Architecture

The TUM magazine campus published an interview with Prof. Ferdinand Ludwig on functional greenery in the urban environment in its issue 1/2022: In…

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Simon Vilgertshofer is the new Vice Dean Operations, Information Technology and Infrastructure

Simon Vilgertshofer joins the management team of the TUM School of Engineering and Design.

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Interdisciplinary Course: Think. Make. Start.

Applications are now open for the two week TUM innovators course giving students of all disciplines the chance to work on real world problems, exploring the potential of new technologies or challenges…

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TUM Founder's Talk: Vestigas

Vestigas enables the digital processing of delivery documents in building materials logistics through a newly developed certification algorithm, resulting in high savings for process participants…

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Founding at TUM - From Ideas to HighTech Ventures

Mit der Publikation „Gründen an der TUM“ wird gründungsinteressierten Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftlern eine Unterstützungshilfe im Gründungsprozess geboten. Der Leitfaden dient als…

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Deutsch-Französisches Doktorandenkolleg

The doctoral college (2022-2025), funded by the Franco-German University, is aimed at PhD students from Germany, France and the Netherlands working on the development and application of structured,…

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Leben retten per Drohne: Verkehrsministerin Schreyer besucht TUM-Studenteninitiative Horyzn

In Deutschland erleiden jährlich 75.000 Menschen einen Herz-Kreislauf-Stillstand. Im Durchschnitt beträgt das Rettungsintervall in Bayern bis zum Eintreffen des Notarztes neun Minuten. Da aber bereits…

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Zum Tod von Friedrich Kurrent

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Homeoffice und Digitalisation: "Communication must make the leap to digital"

Caroline Adam researches the future of work after and with Corona

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"Formula 1 could see driverless race cars as early as 2025"

A team at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has developed software which lets race cars compete in motor sports without a driver. The TUM Autonomous Motorsport Team was able to take 1st and 2nd…

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TUM Is Vice-World Champion in Autonomous Racing

The team from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) entered the Autonomous Challenge @CES in Las Vegas as defending champions, seeking to test their limits once again. The team took second place in…

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A Clear View into the Data Stream

Artificial Intelligence for Earth Observation (AI4EO) is a project involving researchers from nine nations. Their aim is to make optimal use of the incredible amounts of data generated by satellites

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Unlimited Freedom in Manufacturing

Katrin Wudy drives the processes for series production with 3D printing. Her research focuses on powder bed fusion of both metals and plastics.

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Swaying mountains - Measurement and computer simulations of the resonant swaying of the Matterhorn

The Matterhorn appears as an immovable, massive mountain that has towered over the landscape near Zermatt for thousands of years. A study now shows that this impression is wrong. An international…

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New drone type transports life-saving defibrillator

For cardiac arrest victims, minutes can mean the difference between life and death. It’s vital that medical emergency response teams get to them quickly, but in more remote, rural areas this can…

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EuroTechPostdoc fellowship at TUM

EuroTech Universities to offer 70 open-topic post-doc fellowships, incl. 10 fellowships at TUM, within EuroTechPostdoc2 Programme 2nd Call opens 30. November 2021, Deadline 24. February 2022